1ª TemporadaEdit

  1. I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha
  2. Be It Ever So Mortgaged
  3. It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog
  4. Mother Meets What's-His-Name
  5. Help, Help, Don't Save Me
  6. Little Pitchers Have Big Fears
  7. The Witches Are Out
  8. The Girl Reporter
  9. Witch or Wife?
  10. Just One Happy Family
  11. It Takes One to Know One
  12. And Something Makes Three
  13. Love is Blind
  14. Samantha Meets the Folks
  15. A Vision of Sugar Plums
  16. It's Magic
  17. A is for Aardvark
  18. The Cat's Meow
  19. A Nice Little Dinner Party
  20. Your Witch is Showing
  21. Ling Ling
  22. Eye of the Beholder
  23. Red Light, Green Light
  24. Which Witch is Which?
  25. Pleasure O'Reilly
  26. Driving is the Only Way to Fly
  27. There's No Witch Like an Old Witch
  28. Open the Door Witchcraft
  29. Abner Kadabra
  30. George the Warlock
  31. That Was My Wife
  32. Illegal Separation
  33. A Change of Face
  34. Remember the Main
  35. Eat at Mario's
  36. Cousin Edgar